fresh [adj1] new, just produced beginning, brand-new*, comer, contemporary, crisp, crude, current, different, gleaming, glistening, green*, hot*, hot off the press*, immature, just out*, late, latest, mint*, modern, modernistic, natural, neoteric, newborn, newfangled*, novel, now, original, radical, raw, recent, sparkling, stateof-the-art, the latest*, this season’s*, unconventional, unprocessed, unseasoned, untouched, unusual, up-to-date, virginal, what’s happening*, young, youthful; concepts 578,797 —Ant. old, stale, tired, used fresh [adj2] additional added, another, auxiliary, else, extra, farther, further, increased, more, new, other, renewed, supplementary; concepts 546,824 —Ant. old, used fresh [adj3] refreshing to the senses bracing, bright, brisk, clean, clear, colorful, cool, crisp, definite, fair, invigorating, not stale, pure, quick, sharp, spanking, sparkling, stiff, stimulating, sweet, uncontaminated, unpolluted, vivid; concept 537 —Ant. stale, tired fresh [adj4] energetic, healthy active, alert, blooming, bouncing, bright, bright-eyed, bushytailed*, chipper*, clear, dewy, fair, florid, glowing, good, hardy, invigorated, keen, like new, lively, refreshed, rehabilitated, relaxed, relieved, rested, restored, revived, rosy, ruddy, sprightly, spry, stimulated, undimmed, unfaded, unused, unwearied, unwithered, verdant, vigorous, vital, wholesome, young; concepts 485,542 —Ant. exhausted, lifeless, tired, unenergetic, worn fresh [adj5] inexperienced artless, callow, green*, natural, new, raw, tenderfooted*, uncultivated, unpracticed, unskilled, untrained, untried, unversed, young, youthful; concept 404 —Ant. experienced fresh [adj6] sassy, brazen bold, cheeky*, disrespectful, familiar, flip*, flippant, forward, impertinent, impudent, insolent, nervy*, pert, presumptuous, rude, saucy*, smart*, smartalecky*, snippy*, wise; concepts 267,401 —Ant. gentle, kind, polite

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